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my other Journal

Hey everyone!
I know its been a while but I wanted to let you know I started a new journal. I have sorta kinda started being a photographer. I dont know if it will go much farther but maybe it will develop into something more.
anyway, go check it out!


I just got my acceptance letter from Western!!!!
Im so happy, now I just have to make sure I dont screw up any of the classes Im taking this or next quarter. Still haven't heard from Fairhaven but that's not really bothering me right now. Lets Party!!!


I passed my math class!!!



I blew up at my English teacher about 2 hours ago. she has been very unorganized in her teaching methods and she only just got our first two essays graded and back to us, which she wants us to re-write by Monday. Anyway, she told me I got 3.4 and 3.5 but didn't tell me out of what and the blackboard thing says they are out of 10 so I freaked out and yelled via email. I told her exactly what is wrong with her teaching method and that, if I was in danger of failing I wanted to know about it before the last drop day instead of telling me and everyone else that she would get our grades to us 'soon'. anyway, she wrote back and explained that the score was out of 4 and told me I didn't need to bother with the re-write because I am doing so well anyway it wouldn't really make a difference.
I really hate her and I cant wait to be rid of her.


Fell asleep in class today, I have been allot recently. not really my fault, wake up at 5:30 and go to a class with cushy computer chairs where they turn out the lights and talk quietly about the pictures and thats what happens. but today they caught me o_0 the teacher asked me a question apparently and when I woke up everyone was laughing at me.
take a look at some of my pics?


for those of you who don't know, I am stuck in math 90, again. just the last two credits but still, this is like the fourth time and I just don't get how I can be so bad t it XP
Anyway, I took quiz 5 again last week, and I freaked out because I got 9 out of 20 when last quarter I got 16. so I looked at it and found that the had changed the total amount of points to 22 not 20 but they had added up the missed answers for a 22 point quiz and put it over 20. I did get 11/22 but I still don't get it because I got 8 out of 10 on two online quizzes with the same content.
I talked with my teacher today and explained this and ended up crying because, honestly, if I cant pass out of math 90 I cant get an AA and if I cant even get an AA what is the point of continuing college at all? I know I want to continue and my parents would be really disappointed if I quit but its so frustrating and I cant even think about this without getting teary.
I am so Tired of all this.

Anyway, she doesn't think I need math 131 but I will probably need 117 so I need to contact western and see. she is going to help me after classes from now on and I really hope I pass this time...


Oh Je~enn

this turned out great!! ^^
Outside of the Kamelot concert, First in line and like five hours early ^^
(self pic, taken w/ cell phone!!)

Who wants to go to Finland?

So in economics yesterday my teacher was trying to explain what is America's problem, socially, economically and so on. she blames immigration. Just the amount of people who come to America and how the system isnt built to grow so quickly. and then she compares it to Finland of all places and asks the class; 'You dont see Finland having problems like that I mean honestly who wants to go to Finland?' (she said this very passionately) and being who am, I raised my hand. and the entire class starts laughing then I get at least three other people (in a class of like seven or eight people) who agree that they would like to got to Finland with me...
in short, we blew her explanation out of the water (even if it did make sense)
Until next time ^^


so I figured it was about time I post again and I also decided to share some pics I have been working on.
(sort of inspired by Karen K. and her web com 'drop of fuel' http://www.webcomicsnation.com/visdviking/dropfuel/series.php?view=single&ID=129905 and my friend who told me about it, Jenn)((and the Kamelot concert we went to las week^^))

"I thought you Knew Id come disguised on angel wings, in white"

at the concert at El Corazon there was a totally drunk guy behind me and my friend who thought it was a great Idea to try and drag Khan (the singer for Kamelot) into the crowd...

This is Henrik Klingenberg from Sonata Arctica...he has always seemed kinda moody when I have seen him, maybe he just needs more vodka!

and to my band yes I have been practicing.


Tuesdays have become my least favorite day of the week. I wake up anywhere from4:30-6:30 to take my dog out, get my stuff together and try to catch a boat early enough that I can find a parking space at my college, my first class it at 11:30 my last class goes from 6:00pm to 8:10 pm and then i run to catch the boat again and am lucky if I get home before 10:30-11:00 XP
bad day sorry peepl